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Through The Eye Of The Needle

​Transforming relationships. Building meaningful and enduring relationships with God, self, wife, husband, child, old parent, friend, colleague.

​Warning!! This is no "happiness made easy" book. Instead it may disturb, challenge and demand change.

​The questions this book asks may make us uncomfortable; but they enlighten. The ideals it urges us to attain may seem daunting; but the author does not leave us wondering "how?". With revealing insight, clear reasoning, powerful anecdotes and illuminating exercises, all driven by high-octane conviction, he charts out a course of action.If we want to go beyond half-hearted responses to transforming our relationships, this book will do more than just point the way. If we are willing to take responsibility, this book defines a radical paradigm shift.

My Family: The Next Best Thing That Happened To Me

This book is all about the inner life of one particular family. 

The author (father of the family) takes you on a guided tour of his household. You are led to its innermost sanctum and allowed to peep into the family secrets. You will come in close contact with people and situations, learn about the dynamism and love that lace together their lives. You will discover how they reacted to moments of success and failure, of sorrows and joys, struggles and misunderstandings.

​And when you have finished reading you will find a mirror where your own family-situations, thoughts and sentiments are reflected and you will be enriched - not by fresh knowledge about family-living, but by a wealth of experience that will inspire and challenge you to make your own family a truly happy one.

Relationship Management: The Master's Way

Relationships - the foundation of your success as a Manager.Functional transactions don't end in just getting the job done. But, like little bricks, they make up the edifice of Relationships. With Customers, Vendors, Colleagues or Superiors.

​If you want to know how its done, this is your book. Not a textbook or a reference manual. It is the story of a journey of discovery, by a group of earnest Managers, seeking a role model.

​In a clear, crisp and un-put-downable narrative, the author profiles one of the most enduring People Management role models. A Master Manager, a Leader, a Communicator who teaches both the novice and the veteran to get to the person behind the name. The individual behind the designation.

Life Lessons - A Christian Sharing

To the jaded eye, the title of the book 'Life Lessons - A Christian Sharing' may not bode well. Clearly, most of us are increasingly wary of being lectured to or taught any lessons; let alone life lessons! 

​But this book shares a message that undoubtedly merits attention. A compilation of articles written by speaker, author, blogger and admittedly a proud Christian, Ignatius Fernandez, this book, like a ‘Best of the Best’ music album, delights and delivers at the same time.   

​One of the reasons why this book works is that almost every page is punctuated with questions that prompt some level of soul-searching. Some questions tread softly. Some confront. But they continually strengthen the case that the author is trying to build. And thankfully, this is not a case built on convoluted arguments or long-winded analysis. In a series of clear, concise and convincing articles, the author shares his view of Jesus’ teachings as life lessons to be cherished and acted on.

Copies available at book stores, across India, of Saint Pauls, Mumbai, India. ISBN 978-93-5015-102-0. Website: Contact: