Ignatius Fernandez




Meeting Jesus in the Holy Land

Pilgrims need a book that captures the pilgrimage essence in a short read – a ready-reference on their visits to the Holy Sites. This book (about 100 pages, including 12 pictures, limited to 34,500 words) attempts just that, without neglecting the essentials.

Think Christ, Live Christian

“This is a must-read. I found myself completely engaged in the God inspired words , which seem to draw you in, as you read them, and compel you to read more. Each page overflows with hope and wisdom.”

– FELICIA STARKES-SHERMAN writer, author, playwright, Director, Internet Radio Personality, speaker, entrepreneur, Columbus, Georgia

Jesus Christ True Leader and Perfect Gentleman

JESUS CHRIST – True Leader and Perfect Gentleman is one of the unique books on Jesus, published in the last two decades; with a remarkably practical and insightful portrayal of Jesus Christ as an outstanding leader and peerless gentleman.

The Child is Father of the Man

Welcome to the club of puzzled parents – with the largest membership in the world! To most parents raising children as best they can, falls far short of unspoken expectations. This book, which is a storehouse of practical ideas, can help bridge the gap.

The Heart has its Reasons

In a series of brief articles, the author explores important ideas, convictions and principles about relating to oneself, to God and to others. Based on a worldview that has evolved with time, he attempts to ask and answer critical questions. Questions that we constantly grapple with as we seek out the meaning of our experiences.

The Golden Rule

The life and times of Jesus Christ have been analyzed from many perspectives, but never before from the corporate angle with focus on professional relationships. Jesus’ example stands out not just for our personal lives, but also for our professional conduct. In short, Jesus emerges as the definitive leader in every respect.

Life Lessons – A Christian Sharing

This book shares a message that undoubtedly merits attention. A compilation of articles written by speaker, author, blogger and admittedly a proud Christian, Ignatius Fernandez, this book, like a ‘Best of the Best’ music album, delights and delivers at the same time.

Through The Eye Of a Needle

Warning!! This is no “happiness made easy” book. Instead it may disturb, challenge and demand change. The questions this book asks may make us uncomfortable; but they enlighten. The ideals it urges us to attain may seem daunting; but the author does not leave us wondering “how?”.

Relationship Management: The Master’s Way

​In a clear, crisp and un-put-downable narrative, the author profiles one of the most enduring People Management role models. A Master Manager, a Leader, a Communicator who teaches both the novice and the veteran to get to the person behind the name. The individual behind the designation.

My Family: The Next Best Thing That Happened To Me

The author (father of the family) takes you on a guided tour of his household. You are led to its innermost sanctum and allowed to peep into the family secrets. You will come in close contact with people and situations, learn about the dynamism and love that lace together their lives. You will discover how they reacted to moments of success and failure, of sorrows and joys, struggles and misunderstandings.

LEAD PARENTING For Troubled & Anxious Parents

LEAD PARENTING is a book that offers adequate manure and water by way of practical tips and techniques for making some of your parenting expectations sprout and blossom. Beholding the blooms and harvesting the fruits of your gardening labour could well be the most significant twin rewards the book brings your way!