Ignatius Fernandez




LEAD PARENTING For Troubled & Anxious Parents

BETTER YOURSELF BOOKS, 58/23rd Road, TPS III, Bandra West, Mumbai 400 050, India

ISBN 978-81-7108-950-5 – Pp 248 / Rs 280

Reviewed by Ladislaus Louis D’Souza

“In the grand theatre of life, there is perhaps no role more challenging, more fulfilling, and more impactful than that of a parent. It is a role that unfolds without a script, offers no rehearsals, and grants no intermissions. Instead, it demands unwavering dedication, boundless love and compassion, and an unshakable commitment to shaping the future through the lives of one’s children,” says Mr Felix Wilfred, Former Dean and Head of Christian Studies, Department of Christian studies, Chennai, in his Preface to this interesting book (p 9).

It was Penelope Leach, renowned British psychologist and author who said: “Loving a child is a circular business. The more you give, the more you get, the more you want to give!” In this pleasant yet daunting task, however, parents could well rejoice that they are not alone – troubled and anxious. Every child born into the world is unique in character and so is every parent. To most parents, then, raising children is an adventure that defies parental expectations that actually wither with the growth of the child. LEAD PARENTING is a book that offers adequate manure and water by way of practical tips and techniques for making some of those expectations sprout and blossom. Beholding the blooms and harvesting the fruits of your gardening labour could well be the most significant twin rewards the book brings your way!

Interestingly, from the word ‘go’, the text of this book speaks straight to the heart of the reader – in effect to the heart of the parent. The reason: the author, Professor Ignatius Fernandez, a senior corporate professional of repute, writes and speaks from the heart! Evidently, the prime difference between LEAD PARENTING and other parenting books is that the author uses his own life experiences as a parent as the very base of the contents, his unbridled confidence obviously overriding all misgivings. Having raised four sons no less, he sure knows his onions. Looking at parenting from the perspective of a journey through married life, a life in which both partners share in the God-given responsibility of parenting children in a truly humanizing manner, he demonstrates the certainty of a sensibly all-round upbringing.

Kritika Srinivasan, Editor, Parent-Edge, Singapore, attests that “this book is a gold-mine of tips, ideas, and best practices on different aspects of parenting,” while Edward Valenzuela from the USA says, “I wish I had read this book before I began my parenting days!” While the renowned Oxfordian author, Theresa Cheung opines that “this book – a remarkable piece of work – will help parents earn their wings,” it can be safely said that BETTER YOURSELF BOOKS [a division of ST PAULS] has earned its spurs by bringing out books of calibre such as Ignatius Fernandez’s LEAD PARENTING.

Parenting being a topic that troubles many an anxious parent, the contents of this book, appropriately arranged as they are in thematic order as is evident from the ‘Contents’, would greatly benefit not only parents but marriage and parenting counsellors alike. Would that bookstores of every size and libraries of every hue, including our parish literature outlets, stocked copies galore of LEAD PARENTING and promoted its reading and sales big time! And yes, don’t miss the cover which in itself is a treat of sorts!