Ignatius Fernandez




Life Lessons – A Christian Sharing

To the jaded eye, the title of the book ‘Life Lessons – A Christian Sharing’ may not bode well. Clearly, most of us are increasingly wary of being lectured to or taught any lessons; let alone life lessons!

But this book shares a message that undoubtedly merits attention. A compilation of articles written by speaker, author, blogger and admittedly a proud Christian, Ignatius Fernandez, this book, like a ‘Best of the Best’ music album, delights and delivers at the same time.

​One of the reasons why this book works is that almost every page is punctuated with questions that prompt some level of soul-searching. Some questions tread softly. Some confront. But they continually strengthen the case that the author is trying to build. And thankfully, this is not a case built on convoluted arguments or long-winded analysis. In a series of clear, concise and convincing articles, the author shares his view of Jesus’ teachings as life lessons to be cherished and acted on.

Copies are available at book stores, across India, of Saint Pauls, Mumbai, India. ISBN 978-93-5015-102-0. Website: www.stpaulsbyb.com. Contact: stpaulsmarketing@gmail.com