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Meeting Jesus in the Holy Land


MEETING JESUS IN THE HOLY LAND covers pilgrim sites, churches and other places of interest in the Holy Land. The book also shares information on sites outside the Holy Land that tour operators include in their package. The book is short, informative and prayerful and has the benefit of uplifting reviews.


Author’s Preface

I found a problem on my tour of the Holy Land – pilgrims to the Holy Land do not have a concise account which they can read on the tour. The books available now are long, more than 200 pages, and rather high-priced. Pilgrims have neither the time nor energy (after a tiring day), nor the inclination to read such exhausting accounts on their tight schedule, each day of the tour. They need a book that captures the essence in a short read – a ready-reference on their visits to the Holy Sites. My book (about 100 pages, including 12 pictures, limited to 34,500 words) attempts just that, without neglecting the essentials.

Besides, some of the books, now available, do not cover tourist spots outside the Holy land, which the tour operators include in the tour. Pilgrims hope to get some information on those sites, as well. I try to supply that felt need. Further, my book helps the reader reflect on the sites and suggest a wee prayer. Put differently, I have gauged the market and have provided a product for it. Describing each of the sites in the Holy Land, adding some pictures and taking them through the Way of the Cross, with reflection and prayer, I give the reader a salutary experience of the pilgrimage.

“For the wealth of information that one gleans from its pages, this is a must read. If one plans a visit to the Holy Land, this book is indispensable” – in the words of a reviewer.


“Mr Fernandez, quite exceptionally, has not just managed to sustain the intensity of his enriching experience during his pilgrimage but also has successfully transformed it into a labor of love – the book you are reading.”

Fr. S Devadass SVD, Parish Priest,
Saint Alphonsa Church,
Hyderabad, India.

“Each biblical site is organized according to scriptural background, archaeological history, reflections on sites and happenings (this is where the book shines), to shed
light on our spiritual lives.”

Francis J lrudairaj
Assistant Vice President (Human Resources),
Kuwait Financial Center, and author of
Re-engineering Readiness, Kuwait.

“The book is far more than a travelogue: it offers excellent material for spiritual reading that can inspire and challenge the reader. The reading public has a good
reason to be thankful to the author for this gift.”

Fr. George Kaitholil Ssp,
Former General Editor of Saint Pauls and Better Yours Books,
prolific author of ninety two books.

“The book is a fascinating mix of Biblical and modern day history, travel to the Holy Land, and a call to spiritual reflection. Only Ignatius can mix these ingredients in an
engaging narrative, that had me wishing that the book was longer!”

Edward Valenzuela,
Former Managing Director,
Accenture LLC, Colorado, USA.

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