Ignatius Fernandez




My Family: The Next Best Thing That Happened To Me

This book is all about the inner life of one particular family.

The author (father of the family) takes you on a guided tour of his household. You are led to its innermost sanctum and allowed to peep into the family secrets. You will come in close contact with people and situations, learn about the dynamism and love that lace together their lives. You will discover how they reacted to moments of success and failure, of sorrows and joys, struggles and misunderstandings.

​And when you have finished reading you will find a mirror where your own family-situations, thoughts and sentiments are reflected and you will be enriched – not by fresh knowledge about family-living, but by a wealth of experience that will inspire and challenge you to make your own family a truly happy one.

Published By : Saint Paul.

What People Say

Here is a book about ourselves, our life in the family. In this fine narrative about a particular family we may find a mirror where our own family situations, thoughts and sentiments are reflected. The insightful thoughts of the author are packed in his simple pithy and very readable sentences. They unfold before us a wealth of experience in empathy with our own situations. While they offer us inspiration, encouragement for our own lives in our families, they do not hide the difficulties which we have to face. Love, hope and joy are what come through the pages of this book of a father of a family.

Professor Felix Wilfred – University of Madras​