Ignatius Fernandez




Relationship Management: The Master’s Way

Relationships – the foundation of your success as a Manager. Functional transactions don’t end in just getting the job done. But, like little bricks, they make up the edifice of Relationships. With Customers, Vendors, Colleagues or Superiors.

If you want to know how its done, this is your book. Not a textbook or a reference manual. It is the story of a journey of discovery, by a group of earnest Managers, seeking a role model.

​In a clear, crisp and un-put-downable narrative, the author profiles one of the most enduring People Management role models. A Master Manager, a Leader, a Communicator who teaches both the novice and the veteran to get to the person behind the name. The individual behind the designation.

Published By : English Edition.

What People Say

The architecture of the book is a clear testimony to the deeper reflection of the author on the Gospels. In an age where corporate managers are easily carried away by status symbols and upward mobility, a value-based paradigm shift would be the best guarantee of success – untainted by selfishness, double-dealing and deceit.

Professor S Swaminathan – Former Business Editor, The Hindu​ Newspaper, Chennai, India