Ignatius Fernandez




The Heart has its Reasons

Haven’t we all wished for the benefit of hindsight!

But what if we could look ahead while still looking back? What if we could apply the lessons of a trusted and experienced friend? What if hard-won insight was ours to use whenever we needed it?

This short book puts such possibilities within reach.In a series of brief articles, the author explores important ideas, convictions and principles about relating to oneself, to God and to others. Based on a worldview that has evolved with time, he attempts to ask and answer critical questions. Questions that we constantly grapple with as we seek out the meaning of our experiences.

These reflections share a perspective that has been gained with age. But in themselves, they bear a timelessness and power that can awaken in us a new approach to life and living.

Read it if, like others, you are hoping to revitalise and transform the rest of the journey.

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Publisher: Wolf Creek Press, Bandon, Oregon, USA.

ISBN: 13-978-1494788452 and ISBN: 1494788452.

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What People Say

“The thoughts are of Christian inspiration and stimulating, the language is mellifluous and racy, and the book makes pleasant reading.
​ This is a valuable book that can surely help the interested reader towards betterment of self and society.”

Author and Former General Editor of St. Pauls and Better Yourself Books.